Database Installer

Database Installer performs installation of MySQL databases by php scripts.


  • Install mysql databases
  • Check existence of tables in mysql database
  • Delete existing mysql database
  • Re-install mysql database
  • and more.

How to use?

Step 1:
Put all the files in a folder named database-installer as the file structure shown above

Step 2:
Replace the mysql.sql file with your database .sql file(database which have to be installed) and rename your database(example.sql file) to mysql.sql

Step 3:
Place the database-installer folder in root of your website like- and run this url in your browser.

Step 4:
It will require mysql databse hostname, mysql databse name, mysql databse username, mysql databse password to install the mysql.sql database. And if the database will already consists tables then it will ask for delete the existing tables and after that new database(mysql.sql) can be install.

Download Link:

You can download the script from github on below link

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